Make Habits Not Resolutions!!

No matter what your starting point or what your goal, re-branding your body and changing your shape takes dedication; the reason why most people fail is they are not consistent. Being consistent is the absolute key; if you did fifteen minutes every day you would see better results than someone who trains for two hours every now and then. Below are some very good, sustainable workouts that REALLY work; we have tried and tested them and I personally have seen a huge body fat decrease in using these with a sensible diet.




The internet has an abundance of amazing workout plans and nutrition programs so this page is not about that, it is however, about why people still struggle and end up making no progress. If you are looking for some great workout plans I recommend Body Builder's website, it is for men and women and offers excellent advice, blogs, training styles and methodology. Some of the more popular and advertised workouts which really do get results are Insanity and 21 Day Lean Planner although they rely on quick fixes which can be difficult to sustain but great for if you want to make body size shifts in a particular time-frame. 

You must remember that your body is a metabolic, hormonal host of bio chemistry, crash diets, juice diets and fads will only give short term results, the way you cook has a massive impact on your weight management more than calculating every macro as your recipes will either encourage your metabolism to burn fat or discourage it. These two books are absolutely insane, they promote fat burning through metabolic amplification via diet and increasing anabolism recipes that will help to pack muscle on via hormone reproduction increases and are endorsed by some of the biggest names in health.

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When training or dieting ask yourself, is what I am doing sustainable? You can’t go from eating like a horse to eating like a heroin addict and expect to maintain it. Equally you can’t expect to go from a couch potato to a tuned athlete with a training program like a fight fit boxer and be able to keep consistent.



Make small sustainable changes until they don’t feel like changes and then make more.


EXAMPLE: Implement one small change in your weekly routine like one day of the week you will cycle to work, or every time you go to the local shop you will walk, or one gym session a week. Then when it just becomes the norm add an additional change. Build like this until you don’t even notice the changes but have become extremely active; you will see the pounds drop off you 100%.






Again  small changes but consistent, instead of that chocolate bar at 15.30 at least two days a week you could swap it for an apple or instead of fizzy drinks get some squash and save the fizzy drinks for the weekend.






If you feel like eating something naughty and you have maintained a relatively good eating plan, do it, but don’t make it a reward. Once you get out of the mind-set that bad food is a reward for good behavior you will make marked improvements in recognising a different response to the stimulus of exercise and good eating which will be more conducive to shedding weight or building muscle, whatever your goal.









If you are going on a detox, read up about what effects that is going to have on you and how to manage it correctly. Have you thought about how the liver will behave? How your kidneys may react? So many people go into it blind and can sometimes cause more harm than good. We don’t pretend to be Doctors here at The Laptop King but there are plenty of very intelligent people out there who can give solid advice on the best methods, pre, during and post detox.




What Has Worked For Me


Being consistent with your changes when it comes to work out plans, in other words make sure you are constantly changing what you do, four weeks maximum on any one style of training. This shocks the body and encourages it to change its shape. Even a subtle change like going from free weight circuits to body weighted circuits has huge impact. Remember to take a week’s rest every six to eight weeks, believe it or not but this really helps, you will return fitter and stronger for the rest and limit the dreaded plateau situation.

Seeing your gym time/exercise as part of your working day is a healthy step. If you say I finish work at 7pm but my last hour is spent in the gym it has a good mental effect and helps you actually get to the gym rather than just going straight home after work. If you changed jobs and had to commute forty five minutes extra you would just see that as a new addition to your working day, the gym is no different. Don’t be afraid to have a bad workout either, sometimes you just don’t feel up to it but you went, that’s what matters, consistency, just make the most of it when you do feel well up for it.



The most important thing to remember is that no matter what your body type it is the way you carry yourself that makes you sexy; be confident, be bold and most importantly be you. If you can't be those things then make the changes and make this your goal rather than a size, weight or fat percentage. 


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