The Beginning...

What is Creation?

We decided that CREATION would be our opportunity here at The Laptop King to reach out and help you dream bigger and achieve some of your goals using channels that potentially are less utilised by the normal 9-5 worker.

The term WEALTH gets thrown around today like a tennis ball. Some people have it, a lot of people want it or think that they do. But not everybody is prepared to work and commit themselves to achieving it.

So how can we help??

We decided that if you were here reading this, then maybe we can steer you through some of our known methods and sources to achieving smaller goals. Yes dream BIG, You have to, but start realistically.

Rule 1: Goal setting

I want you to write down three goals, make each one bigger than the last but keep them achievable.

These are your first steps. The more steps you take the closer to the dream you get. So whats stopping you get to the dream??

Most probably debt? or time management?  Download our 100% FREE giveaway to start your journey




Rule:2 Money management

Debt, lets start here. Your first task in your situation is to work out what your income is, how much in savings you have VS your outgoings. Simple right? Yet most people choose to ignore this first simple rule. You can not ignore this.

Now we can start. Have you considered consolidating your debt?? If not then please do so. Having one payment leaving your bank is far more manageable, plus you can get a fixed term interest rate credit card or even a 0% card that only charge you for transferring your debt, this will instantly save you money or apply for a low rate fixed term loan.

Rule:3 Smart money

Credit cards, Uh oh. You mention this word to the uneducated person and immediately they shout debt and run a mile...Big NO NO or Big YES?

In our our book a big YES, but wait you get in debt? Only if you don't follow the rules. Its the rules that they (the lender) wants you to trip over. So don't. I learnt a long time ago the benefits of using a card and I want to share my simple yet amazing secret with you...

What if I told you that every month my credit card company pays for my family to go out for dinner every month, free of charge to myself and I mean totally free. No bill!

What if I also told you that I also use somebody else's money to pay for all of my stuff every month all month! Guessed you'd be shocked, think that I'm crazy and must be robbing someone? Not at all. This is rule: 4

Rule:4 Pay yourself first

So how do I do it? I have great money management. OK i'll tell you how. (I have no debt, none at all) Each month my wife and I use our credit card for every single purchase that our household makes. I mean everything unless I really really have to use cash. Every time we use the card we earn loyalty points. These accumulate very fast depending on the type of card you use, but wait I here you shouting DEBT, and the words CRAZY...but you forget. I play the game of Rule:3 Smart money, every purchase I make is insured by the credit card company; handy when you book holidays! or purchase big items from the internet. But every month I pay the bill in full, no exception. Therefore I pay no interest on any of my purchases. How amazing, I kept my hard earned cash in my bank account all month earning me interest, paid my bill a couple of days before it was due. Used somebody else's money all month to pay my bills then got paid again anyway and earn't loyalty points for doing so which increased my credit rating and covered my three course family dinner and bottle of wine. Thank you credit card.

Ok, so you want to make some money?

So how do you do it? I have put together a handful of options for you. Feel free to work on all of them or purely one of them. This is so that stay at home parents, students or in fact anyone that is prepared to take the opportunity to educate themselves can earn some extra cash or invest time in themselves and make a life changing income. But remember the golden rule....Do what you've always done, get what you already have.

How about getting paid for a survey? You can make over £1300 a week completing surveys.

          If you live in the UK check out my link to Mysurvey

           If you live in the USA check out my link to Survey Voices


My final RECOMMENDED OPPORTUNITY is for those of you that are truly prepared to make a difference to your lifestyle by taking action. Trust me when I say that it'll be worth it. I have an EXCLUSIVE offer that will completely guide you through every step of the way.

But remember, you have to put the effort in. NO EFFORT, NO RESULTS

 make a change




By The Laptop King

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