Ash and Ryan began working together in 2003 and through mutual interests of personal development, Martial Arts and traveling they became best friends. Working in several differing jobs together they realised that they both wanted something more from life, they wanted to be self-sustainable, non-reliant on others and solely in charge of their future and so began to explore possibilities of change.

They created a host of new mind sets about their management of all three aspects and then began to see pretty concrete results.

Years later ‘The Laptop King’ was developed; a company that try to help normal, likeminded people achieve new heights in their travel adventures, money management and personal well-being through processes proven by their own experiences and lessons learnt.

“We are not anything special, we have just worked extremely hard in everything we do and want to offer people the same opportunities if they are willing to put the work in. So many people in life are just happy to bob along and keep their heads above water, those people are not the type we want to connect with, you need to be prepared to swim upstream but we promise big rewards if you swim with us.”




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